Cleaning Tips After Holiday Party


Cleaning Tips After Holiday Party


If you are planning a holiday party with your family and friends, accidental spills are bound to happen. Occasions like this also come with more foot traffic, so keeping your carpet soil and stain free is practically impossible.


Here are some carpet cleaning tips you can use after your party.


1)      Make sure you do a deep cleaning of your house or apartment after the holiday party.  To achieve a clean look, you’ll need to have it cleaned by a professional cleaner or you’ll need to rent a deep cleaning equipment.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this method, although a thorough house cleaning is recommended every six months or so, especially if you are moving or relocating .

2)      Keep your eye out for spills and take care of them in a quick manner to keep your floors clean.  Simply using water on a spill will help most of your carpets.  If that doesn’t work, simply expand your search for effective cleaning products.  You can find several products out there on the market that can help you get rid of spills quickly. You can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to help you keep the stains out.  By taking immediate action you can prevent spills from becoming stains that leave you with a dirty and messy carpet.

3)      You should vacuum your carpet immediately after the party to avoid the food crumbs from sticking and turning into mold and bacteria. Go over the most trafficked carpet areas in several directions to allow the vacuum time to pick up all it can.  High quality vacuums are the best choice, as they get up the most debris, food crumbs, pet hair and soil. We recommend to find carpet cleaning company for deep carpet cleaning .

4)      Place a rug or mat at the entrance of your home, it will help clean off people’s shoes and keep most of the  tracked soil off the surface of the carpet.  You should always use entrance mats outside of your doors and make sure that anyone who enters your home uses the mats to help get dirt off of their shoes before they enter.  You can also request that your guests take off their shoes prior to entering your home.


Keeping your home free from molds and odors will help to make a comfortable living area for your friends and your family. And lastly, having these carpet cleaning tips in mind, your clean carpet will always look ready for another party.