Food Cake Recipe


This past week Sydney and I did not have an opportunity to bake together; it was time to move her to George Washington University, her new home while she finishes her undergrad years. It seems strange to start a baking project alone in my kitchen, I find myself missing her idiosyncrasies that once made me crazy. As most of my readers know Sydney is more than my daughter, she is my best friend, business partner, and my inspiration! She continually surprises me with her hidden inner strength and resolve. I realize most mommy bloggers write  about younger children, but we parents don’t stop being parents when our children/child enters the next chapter of their life.
I was fine saying goodbye at her door way, the car trip to Ronald Reagan Airport, the always hectic security, and even the long  45 minute wait on the runway. Then The Golden Globes started (T.V. was available on the plane) as the actors won their Globes they began thanking their moms and before I realized it I was sobbing. I am not the type of person who cries in public or talks about my emotions, however my husband thought it might be nice to open up a little and maybe help another mom. As we were hugging and saying goodbye Sydney whispered in my hear how grateful she felt that I believed in her and kept telling her she would not only be accepted to the universities she applied, but succeeded. I of course told her that she did not need to thank me, because I truly believe she is a wonderful person!
Now I am home and she is settling into her new life; I finally braved the kitchen without her. We have always baked together and take turns with the camera showing the tutorial pictures. I thought a Strawberry Angel Food Cake shaped into a heart was apropos; Sydney adores strawberries, and she is an angel and my heart.