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Bluum Box Unboxing-July 2013


Bluum Box Unboxing- July 2013


Of all my boxes this month I have to say that I have most been looking forward to Bluum . This is our first box and after the disappointing experience we've had with Citrus Lane, I really wanted to find something better. Let me tell you... I have found something better!!!!

My life changing experience of motherhood


My life changing experience of motherhood

You know what they don't tell you about having a second child?


You know what they don’t tell you about having a second child? They don’t tell you that time moves faster. You thought it moved quickly with one child? Just wait. With two, it moves doubly fast.

What accounts for this time warp? I think it is a combination of factors.

  1. You are chasing another child. Yes, it is unfortunate but true; baby #2 is probably in a bouncy chair somewhere while you run after the older sibling.

Graham Crackers


Summertime is in full swing here! I absolutely love summer. I wish it lasted a little longer though. Sometimes it feels like summer just started and then WHAM! Hello Mr. Jack Frost and Mr. Snowflake. Which is followed by melted snow water puddles by the door, snow boots, and an endless mess of scarves and hats piled a mile high.. Lol But we won't talk about that today.

"Operation Babywearing" Was a Success!


'Guest post by Tia from:

Tia's Sweeps Go 'Round - A workin', schoolin' mother of a baby girl from NY who loves sweepstakes!

Confessions of a Wrap Mom!


Welcome to CONFESSIONS of a Wrap Mom! You may be asking yourself, what is a wrap mom? Well, I would be more than happy to tell you!

First things first, I'm Leah! I'm 29 years old, married to my best friend, and a mother of a spunky 22 month old baby girl.

Superhero Mom?



When you don’t have children of your own yet, the stories of the ones that have gone before you can be quite fascinating. I just loved to stumble upon these little ‘insider moments’. It gives you a small peek into the life you would one day hope to have yourself. And while there is absolutly nothing that can prepare you for parenthood, it’s always fun to imagine yourself in that position. Would you do the same thing? Would you have handled a certain situation differently?


The Mom Fails of Multitasking


Throughout my four and half year journey in motherhood I have concluded that my multitasking abilities are an absolute failure at times. Sometimes I am just flat out not good at this motherhood multitasking thing.  At times I think am I supposed to be doing this as a flawless and graceful balancing act because that’s sure the heck what it looks like everyone else is doing on facebook half the time.

Summer Survival Tips for Mom


Summer Survival Tips for Mom


Summer is here and so are all the things that come with it! Swim lessons, t-ball, summer camps, vacations, birthday parties, family reunions,

a house full of strange kids, and the list go on!

Cold Effective Treatment


Cold Effective Treatment


Hello, Mommies! I am not feeling well right now. It's our second week in CST (Client Specific Training), and our trainer decided to switched training room, from Bohol to Boracay.