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Thinking Outside-the-Box with Gift Giving


Thinking Outside-the-Box with Gift-Giving

My Son Is Ausome


I am the mom to 4 amazing boys. One of them, my oldest, is ausome. No, that wasn’t just a typo, ausome, is a way that some people are describing amazing children with autism. My son is just that.

He is almost 8 years old and was also born extremely premature. His challenges over the years were always chalked up as due to his tramatic gestation and early birth. Until kindergarten.

High Tech Discipline


High Tech Discipline 


This is the worst night ever!  


You ruined my night!


What childhood is all about


What childhood is all about

We live in a competitive world, and as parents we often feel that we need to equip the children with the skills to survive and succeed in it. As a consequence, we often meet children as young as 5 can play the piano or the violin, can speak fluently a foreign language, they go to after school clubs nearly every day to learn yet more and more stuff that might come in useful when they grow-up. Their parents are proud and they’re boasting  the achievements of their little geniuses everywhere they can.

How to Save money while buying Glasses


Are you planning to buy glasses that fits your personality but worried about the prices, Don't worry! Zenni Optical is the best place which you should refer to purchase the discounted spectacles.

Hockey Mommy


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My name is Kelly, I blog over at http://hockeymomintraining.blogspot.com/ . I’m a proud wife to one hockey-obsessed husband. I’m the proud mom of 2 hockey obsessed boys and 1 toddler princess rink hater. I love margaritas and I’m addicted to diet pepsi and trashy tv (when I actually have time). I love this crazy life that I live and being a hockey mom in training.

To Stay at home or not? That is the question.


I was in a job I hated, and after coming home crying every night for months my husband finally said "Please, just give your notice. We can survive on one salary." I am not a quitter, I had worked at my previous employer for almost 5 years and loved it. This job I had been at just over a year with 12-hour days, and I had barely seen my husband in our first year of marriage. I decided to give my two-weeks notice. During my last week of work, I found out I was 2 1/2 months pregnant.