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How motherhood taught me the skills to get my health sorted


I spent years engaged in a battle with my mind, body and food. I was usually living in one of two worlds – the first was boring and full of deprivation - dieting, avoiding foods I loved, exercising to burn calories and eating lots of steamed boring stuff. The second world was slightly less restrictive but not fun either - I was eating anything, everything, not exercising and just trying to pretend I didn’t care that I wasn’t fit or healthy. Both worlds were not nice places to live.



Foremost, have you noticed how your baby starts his day?

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Before my daughter was born, I would always look at my husband and think "how can I love someone more than this" or I'd look at my sweet little dog, Zoey and think "she's my baby, I love her so much. I hope I can feel this way about my kids some day".


Advantages of Staying Home during Pregnancy


Everyone who knows me, knew that for the last months of my pregnancy I decided to take a break from working and stay at home, because I really wanted to focus on a healthy pregnancy since this is my first. Although there hasn’t been any bad pregnancy scare, we decided it would be best to keep my stress levels down. Hubby is extremely supportive about it and I’m just lucky!

The Hardest Part of Mommyhood


Guest post by Miss Love It Or Leave It

Before giving birth to my son, I thought the hardest part about being a mommy would be the scary delivery, the sleepless nights, the financial strain it would put on our family budget. But that’s not it. It’s not even close.  The hardest part of mommyhood is loving a human being so much that it’s terrifying.

As a mom


As a mom, you’re supposed to be able to deal with anything when it comes to your kids. While I can definitely say I’ve come to an ability to cope with poop and spit up and toys cluttering everywhere, there are certain things I still haven’t learned to endure. Daddy duties, you might say. However, my husband travels for work, and wouldn’t you know these things would happen while he is away.

My Nanny's Hot Rolls


Amanda Coers

"Love means doing what God has commanded us,
and he has commanded us to love one another..." - 2 John 1:6

Mommy & Me Creations


Hi everyone! My name is Jacque, and I blog over at Mommy & Me Creations . I share creative, fun and educational activities that both parents and teachers can do with their children. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom. I have two daughters: Brooklee (my 3 1/2 year old) and Saydee (who juste turned 2 on St. Patrick's Day).

Toxcity & Deficiency with look at Vit D.


Toxcity & Deficiency with a look at Vit D.

Getting totally healthy is a process. Most people don't realize how unhealthy they actually are. I hate seeing people who are trying so hard to lose weight, get healthy, and be natural but in reality they are sabotaging themselves and don't even know it.