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  • Gabriella's Heart GabriellasHeart

    Our daughter Gabriella was diagnosed in April with a severe and irrepairable case of Myocardial Bridging which is causing Secondary Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. September 25, just before being listed for her new heart, she suffered a left MCA stroke, imparing her right arm abilities and taking away her speech.

  • Genuinely Jarman Mary Jarman

    Here you'll find a little bit of everything: family, adoption, grief, teens, healing, parenting...we've got it all! Thanks for taking a look.

  • Georgia Angel ~A Southern Aries Woman ageorgiaangel

    My blog about me, my life and my family, including photography, poetry, and random memes ramblings.

  • GEORYL: Blogging With My Heart

    GEORYL.COM is my medium for expressing myself and for sharing my thoughts with you. It’s also my way of reaching out to the rest of the world, meeting different personalities and building friendships with people who would like to welcome me to their world. I discuss issues, topics and concerns that pertain to my being a woman, wife, mother, homemaker, entrepreneur, expat, friend and more.
  • Getting Kinda Crunchy gettingkindacrunchy

    A natural living and mom/baby blog! Enter frequent giveaways and let me introduce you to new products that will help your bodies and the Earth! Topics include everything from breastfeeding to recycling and cloth diapering! Lets get crunchier together! Bring out your inner hippie Mama.

  • Gidget Goes Home Gidget

    Finding contentment in daily life... and writing about crafts, food, faith, and green, simple and frugal living.

  • Gidget Loves Language Gidget

    All things language- writing, language learning, multilingualism and Spanish, with a mommy twist.

  • giltfree RachelintheOC

    Come visit for my humorous take on life as a mother, a wife, and a woman dealing with life's challenges--all while offering makeup tips and product, book, and music reviews. Like, how can you have fabulous eyelashes and still be out the door in five minutes? Is the iPhone worth the money? What's it like being a "real" OC mom?

    Check me out and you will see...

  • Glad Chatter lisasmith

    I am just a girl in love with life, my husband, our four children and mostly my God. Truly, madly, deeply in love. This is a place where an ordinary girl's life intersects with an extraordinary God. I was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, high grade pleomorphic sarcoma of the breast. Now I'm a an ordinary mom who also has cancer. Chatting with you is my therapy!

  • Glam Mode Immom

    Beauty, fashion, health and shopping tips to help you look glamorous...
  • Glamamom glamamom

    In what feels like the blink of an eye, I've gone from a twenty-something, stiletto-wearing, martini-sipping, man-eating mamacita, to a thirty-something mother of a bouncing baby boy (a big one!) complete with a hubby, a pooch, and a mortgage (not to mention half-size bigger hoofs that no longer fit in those heels). With all the changes in my life, can I maintain the glam?

  • Glamorous Life Of Gloria Glamorous Life ...

    Join me as I blog about random 'dishy' thoughts of my glamorous life. I offer some reviews and giveaways as well.

  • Glitter Mommy: The Stay at Home mom with Style RandiGlitterMommy

    My Name is Randi and I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful boys Blake 2 years old, and Shawn 8 months and have been married to my Husband Kevin for 5 years. We also have 3 furbabies, chihuahuas Carmen 8yrs, Tia 5yrs, SkippyJon 10 weeks. This is a Blog about my life: I believe you can be it all smart, funny, sexy, sporty, stylish, motherly, confident, baking, cooking, crafty, creative, martha st

  • visit our website!
    gloriousIMPERFECTions amhales

    At gloriousIMPERFECTions you’ll find a variety of topics. My top posts have included Memory Lane Mondays, 30 Questions About Me, and Give It A Try Meals.  I also share my attempts at Digital Scrapping and I throw in a few freebies every now and then. I hope you'll visit and let me know you did so I can take a look at your neck of the woods too!

  • Go Ask Your Dad goaskyourdad

    I started a website in 2005 as a place to deposit my journal and photos. It has gone through a few incarnations and occasionally masquerades as a family site, but since I'm the only one who contributes to it, it's really all about ME, ME, ME.

    This year, we moved to a town on the coast of Alaska. I'm adjusting to small-town life in the Frozen Frontier. We'll see if I survive the winter.