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  • Jamarah Crafty Creations Jamarah Crafty ...

    A place where I share my creations - sewing and craft, my family life and the wonderful things I find on the net.

  • Jane of All Trades SAHM

    This blog chronicles my adventure called "life". I'm a woman of many hats; the beautiful sage green one (Me as simply me), the purple one (Mother), the paisley one (Wife), and the one I hope to toss someday (full-time worker). I'm a person full of passion, brimming with humor, and all a glow with life experiences. Come share life with me! I promise we will come out the other end bruised but smilin

  • jared's little corner of the world... vixenp33

    is my musings on motherhood and everything else in between

  • Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts sweetcivic

    A journal about my personal day-to-day events, food & dining, reviews, beauty & cosmetics, as well as travel experiences. This blog is PR Friendly. Follow my blog and I'll follow back :)

  • Jenn Says What? jennsayswhat

    I'm a mom, a wife, and a photographer. I have the best family anyone could ask for. My husband is a Firefighter/medic and I have two daughters.
    I believe in living in the moment and paying attention to the quiet times. I don't ever want to miss anything. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm really passionate about. In the meantime here is my world, these are my stories.

  • Jenn's RAQ Radish4ever

    I'm wife to a great guy and mom to 3 wonderful kids! I love staying at home with and teaching my kiddos.
    We are eclectic homeschoolers with a Classical slant.
    I am also a doula and massage therapist and am very interested in all things birth, VBAC, intactivism, and breastfeeding!

  • Jennifer Jo Fay's Poetry and Writing Sites jfay1995

    This is my other blog that I write at daily. It also talks about parenting sometimes. It is for moms and dads, but also talks about other stuff. This is my blog where I write about all kinds of different topics that also would interest moms and dads.

  • Jess & 2 Boys caitsaunt

    My life as a breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, attached single mother by choice to 2 blue eyed baby boys

  • Jo's Health Corner Jo Health Corner

    A blog about health, aromatherapy, herbs and more. Come visit and learn how easy it is to make your own spa and other health products with a few simple ingredients. Or make your own personalized perfumes with the health benefits of essential oils. Or take advantage about my other health tips on how to stay healthy this winter.

  • Jodi's Journey jodisjourney

    Jodi's Journey includes anything from my love and joy of being a HIP Nana to four beautiful grand babies, to religion, politics, humor and animals, it looks like pretty much anything I feel like writing about!

  • Journey to James 1:27 journeytojames127

    I January 2006 I married the love of my life in a candle lit church. In May 2008 we welcomed our first child into this world...a life-loving, high energy, playful baby boy.With a heart for orphans, we both knew we wanted to adopt, so we are hoping to adopt our 2nd child (a boy from Russia!) I am a "twenty-something" wife and mother with a heart for orphans!

  • Joyous Journey jennpn

    I blog for many reasons, namely 5; for myself as creative expression and an archived journey of finding joy and honor in homemaking, for my son as a documentary of his childhood, for my husband to get a different perspective of our life, for my family who lives far away from us to keep up with us and anyone else who is interested in how and why we do things in a honest glimpse of our happy life.

  • juliana's theory juliana Cj

    i am a mother and wife,who still devoted my life to something else. i like photography and graphic design even i dun have a basic bout all this things. i enjoy to rock even my daughter too,especially gothic band like within temptation,lacuna coil,epica which is female vocal in that band. i enjoy cooking to especially new recipe. and also work as landscape designer.

  • June Cleaver Nirvana texasholly

    It is fun.

    You will like it.

    Just GO!

  • Just a Mom, HA! Just a Mom Ha

    This site celebrates the choice to be a SAHM through funny stories, recipes, art, Monthly Goals, and healthy living. As a stay at home mom I've found lots of great creative outlets that I want to share with other mommies like me, including my own take on being the healthy mom my son deserves. I lost over 50 pounds without diets or gimmicks, and I never could have done it without being a mommy!