Personal Blogs

'Determining Value'

My journey through life with boys, our real food adventure, and finding joy in the mundane.

My Silly Little Gang

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A fun blog about my very random parenting adventures. I post about both product and local venues reviews, quick and yummy recipes, DIY, all sorts of crafts, and great giveaways! Come visit, and leave a comment. :)

Reasons to Dress : Why do Italian Moms Dress So Well?

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I was supposed to stay in Italy for 4 months, 6 years later and I’m a WAHM working for an artisan belt brand and living off the same budget I had when I was 16! 

My once Italian lover is now my husband and we have a feisty red-headed toddler. 

Italy is filled with reasons to shop, get dressed and be seen.  Take a glimpse into my euro mommy life.

A Bushel and a Peck

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I am tired. Do you care to join me in our exhaustion? Prop your feet up, grab a (large) glass of wine, and talk about how hilariously awful the day went? Yes. Let's. Tomorrow will be better. Or it won't. But at least we have each other.

Just Another Mom

Stop by for a visit to my blog- Just Another Mom. I blog about anything and everything that crosses my mind and/or happens around me. New followers are always welcomed, just drop me a note in a comment so I can follow you as well.

"A Baby Product Review Website - Trust Moms"

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Trust Moms is a baby product review website, dedicated to providing real reviews and ratings from the moms who know best, you!

Lollipops and High Heels

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Mom of 3, blogging about autism, travel, product reviews and giveaways, crafting, shopping, cooking and everyday life as a mommy and wife.

"Perfecting Imperfection"

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Learning to live with imperfection in both parenting and life, I am on a journey of self-discovery...a blog filled with tough questions and honest answers, I explore life through experiences and discover that I am my number one priority.

The Keeper of the Cheerios

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I am the keeper of the Cheerios to my two adorable children Addalynn and Cayden, with whom I love to create fun projects with and for. My Blog is all about the fun we have making our projects, and sharing new fun ideas with other busy moms.


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Andiamo (Italian for let's go) is a space where I write about the antics of my husband and two toddlers. I'm very sarcastic and I drink a lot of wine.