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My life as a mom, the good and the bad, laughter and tears, with a little of work and school and wedding planning in the mixture!


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To EMPOWER CREATIVITY in ALL FORMS and ASPECTS. To promote a lifestyle of creativity and inspiration to readers so they may find their true passion and become more effective in a day to day basis.

Mommy's Rambles

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I am a non stereo typical mom type mom. I have tattoos, piercings. dye my hair crazy colors, and find humor in just about everything. I have survived the loss of my child and uterine cancer. Now  I am rediscoving myself as the mom of both a teenager, and a toddler (yes at the same time)

Manila Baby Love

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Follow me towards my journey to pregnancy and motherhood.  I'm a first time mom trying to grasp this whole new experience as the something magical and superb at the same time. 

Coers Family Blog

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Amanda is a Christian mother of six children. Visit her site for articles about homeschooling, life with twins, recipes, product giveaways and reviews, and more!

Love, Umi The Master Rantor

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The tiny misadventures and battles with poops, pees, barfs, expanding waistline and my goddamn sanity. 

The Procrastinating Mommy

My name is Amanda. I'm a 30-year-old Mom of 2 boys. I'm a school bus driver by day, wine-oh by night. I wear sweats to work in the winter when I feel like it (and I make them look fabulous!)

This is a blog, started by a Mom, to keep a diary of her hysterically messed up family. I'll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to living a day in my house...

Mommy 411 - Life.. From the eyes of a Mother

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Mommy 411 is a blog about my experience as a new mother. I am not the best mother in the world, but I believe that whatever I do for my daughter, I will do my best! 

Minnie Moo's Coupons & Freebies

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Creative Mess

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I will share projects I am working on, things that inspires me, and general life. As this blog develops, I will try to keep all sorts of people in mind when I am blogging: the crafter, the scrapbooker, the photographer, you name it.