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Mixed Nuts Mommy

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Mixed Nuts Mommy is a new southern mom to a 4 year old boy and  two teenage step-daughters. Her blog also boasts about product reviews, tasty recipes, giveaways and provides saving money tips.

My Family Mealtime

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My Family Mealtime is a blog dedicated to bringing families back to the dinner table.  I provide weekly meal plans, grocery lists and daily recipes and tips.



The ALDI Mom

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Living frugal with ALDI, couponing, online shopping, and tricks to making money online. Helpful advice and tips for moms wanting to spend money, save, and make money! Shop smart with The ALDI Mom.

Deal Diva Cafe

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The Deal Diva Cafe shares , great shopping deals, freebies, coupons, money saving tips, mommy blogger advice and directory, and ways to make more money working from home.   Live a more frugal life today at the Deal Diva Caf

Less Processed Family

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After coming to the realization that my family - especially my children - was eating far too much overly processed and unhealthy food, I decided to take steps to change this. This blog is about the journey (sometimes easy, sometimes not so much) of becoming a less processed family.

Coconut Head's (During and After) Cancer Survival Guide

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I'm a breast cancer survivor. I am the wife of a retired Green Beret, Stepmother to the best kid in the world, work full time, own a small business, and have opened up my crazy life to share with you. Enjoy my blog postings about home, design, food, and life in general. 


A humorous guide to capturing those zen moments throughout your day while juggling family, work and your life.

Loaded with tips, recipes and DIY items to make for your own family to eliminate toxic chemicals/ingredients. These all natural, simple alternatives will save you green while going green.

I hope my bits o' zen bring you a bit o' joy...

Peanut Clutter and Smelly

Peanut Clutter and Smelly is a spin-off of my previous blog, Being Mommy. It follows me, Kelsey, through the good, the bad, and the smelly. It's about me, being a "young mom", being a wife, budgeting, saving, and all the other things life throws at us. It's about a little guy named Peanut, a lot of clutter, and things can get pretty smelly, but I wouldn't

Made from scratch, with love.

Homemade beauty recipes, home remedies, and DIY household cleaning recipes (and occasional updates from my Etsy shop, Sugar Bee Beauty).

Pebbles and Piggytails

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This is about the Power of Moms! I am passionate about enjoying my family. I love being a mom and hope this blog will lift you during your down-hearted mommy moments and help you (and me) remember why we love being moms!