7 Easy To Monetize Blog Ideas For Moms


7 Easy To Monetize Blog Ideas For Moms

Do you have a blog or are you thinking of starting one?  Monetizing a blog is fairly easy to do.  Really, you can monetize any kind of blog but these are a few of the niches that moms may be interested in blogging about and are very easy to monetize.

1. Parenting Blogs:  Do you think you are great at parenting?  I would like to say I am but many times I feel like I am clueless about on how to deal with certain problems as my children get older.  A parenting blog would be great for those of you who have extensive knowledge in this area.

2. Health or Weight Loss Blogs:   If you are into health and fitness, losing weight or you have lost a lot of weight then this may be the niche for you.  You may worry that there is too much competition for this niche, but I would prefer to hear about health and weight loss from another female in my own age category who has been through it.  Especially another mom who is also dealing with children and weight gain from their pregnancies!

3. Make Money At Home Blogs:  This is my own main niche because I have spent so many years learning this area that I feel most comfortable writing about it!  It is also a high competition niche and you want to be careful to make sure you don’t mislead people.  I try to research things thoroughly before posting them.  There are so many moms out there who want to make extra money but want to stay home with their kids!

4. Pregnancy or Baby Blog: Maybe you are someone who researched every possible thing about pregnancies or babies.  So many moms out there want to know what the important stuff is and gathering all of this into one easy blog may be a great idea!  Plus, think of all the pregnancy and baby gear you could advertise through an affiliate program to make extra money!

5. Craft Blog: If you are great at crafts or family/kid projects, then starting and monetizing a craft blog may be the way to go. CraftsyCraftsy  is a great affiliate program that you can use to advertise to your readers.   This website offers all kinds of online craft classes and at the time of this writing, they also offer a free class for affiliates that sign up for their affiliate program!

6. Recipe or Cooking Blog: Do your friends and family think you are the greatest cook ever? Do you create your own unique recipes or have tricks that make cooking easier or less time consuming? Then a recipe or cooking blog may be good for you.  You can break this down further into healthy cooking, dessert cooking, budget cooking…the possibilities are endless!

7. Organizing Blog:  One thing I am really bad at is organizing.  Okay, maybe I’m not so bad at it if I would actually just do it!   Some of us need you organizers to show us how to do it better so that we get motivated and actually do it!

There are obviously many more niche blog ideas for moms out there.  These are just a few ideas, brainstorm topics that would work well for you.  The more targeted you get, the easier it is to get targeted traffic but the harder it is to think of topics to write about on a regular basis!  Whatever you do, start on something you have a passion about and stick to it!

About the author:  Erika West is the owner and blogger at www.momslifeathome.com .  Come on over to find out about more blogging, affiliate marketing and other home businesses tips and ideas for moms.  Erika also offers consulting about how to monetize your own blog.