Baby Navel Protectors and Belly Binders


Baby Navel Protectors and Belly Binders

  Baby belly binders have changed since their inception in the 1800’s.  The evidence of their usefulness is that binders have been used throughout the world for centuries. Today, most binders are used for colic.

 Colic usually occurs between 2 weeks and 3 months while the digestive system is still forming outside of the womb. A baby’s digestive system is still maturing and will go through abrupt changes in the first 6 months. During that development period, the gastrointestinal tract is not ready to fight off bacteria and other pathogens.

One of the myths in popular binders is that the same methods used to cure digestive problems in adults can also be used on babies. This is not true because the introductions to new foods and herbs should be done slowly.  Simply put, herbal packs can cause allergic reactions when used for baby colic.

  Additionally, hot packs can cause skin irritation because baby’s skin is so sensitive at that time. Baby belly wraps are effective in assisting with colic issues and naturally warm baby tummies and there is no need for any additional substance.

 Belly wraps are also effective in helping with belly button hernias and healing of the belly button. There have been many discrepancies around this method however, if the tissue that is pushed out of the belly button is soft, this method is effective. This method is an old method that moms have handed down for generations. It should not be done without consulting a doctor’s advice. The method does not work for hardened hernias.

   One of my favorite  binders is the Juju Band is a belly binder and navel protector because the band is simple to use, effective in its treatment and comes in over 50 different  and fashionable styles and patterns. Juju Band’s themes range from baseball, football, polka dots, birds, dinosaurs, Dora the explorer to the newest styles which reflect the holidays.

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