Bath tub ideas for small children.


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Thanks to Papa, Tman got 200 ball pit balls for Christmas!!  Mommy is trying to think of many fun ways to use them.  First we set up the tent in the play room so the balls have a home until I find a small pool  to keep them in.  Since my little guy is not a huge fan of bath time I always try to make them fun and this trick worked!!    He had fun helping throw the balls in the bath, playing in the bath so much he did not want to get out, and helping put the balls back.  He absolutely loves balls!!! 


My daughter and I had fun teaching him colors while in the bath to add a little bit of education to the fun!  We also shut the shower curtain to allow them to throw the balls and have a little extra splashing fun! 


I do want to thank "Twins at Play " for this inspiration idea!


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