Do You Have What It Takes to be a Star?


Do You Have What it Takes to be a STAR?

Many kids and parents have the dream, the one where they are going to be a star in Hollywood. This may sound great and the you get your headshots taken, get signed by an agent, go out on auditions, win every photo contest you can, but never make a dime doing so. This is where the frustration sets in. Many of you have experienced this type of frustration whether you are a child or parent. It gets tough always facing rejection and wonder why you are not booking or were not right for the role. How do you handle that type of rejection? Would you stop doing showbiz and give it up?

Some will choose that route, and it may not be for everyone. You have to have some pretty thick skin in this business. I am sure you all have seen American Idol and all the criticism the contestants receive. That is brutal, but that is someone’s opinion, not everyone’s. Many parents will keep pursuing the dream to one day sit in the acting chair and have their child’s name on a star. Is this the parents dream or is it rally the child’s?

Many parents will ensure their child receives the best training possible by enrolling in singing classes, on camera classes, acting lessons, and even hire audition coaches. We as parents do whatever it takes to give your child a push in the right direction and to be able to have one step above the competition. The completion is fierce is this entertainment industry so many beautiful children, amazing actors, splendid singers and awesome dancers. If your child can sing, dance and act they are commonly known as the “Triple Threat”. You have to be very dedicated to this as you would for anything else that you want to succeed in. Driving 75 miles one way for an audition and back the next day for a fitting and then a third day for shooting is all in the name of showbiz. Many choose to be located close to Los Angeles, where all the action takes place. Some will even move from across the United States for their children to make their dream a reality. For those that do not live close like our family we make the trek do our thing and hope for the best. Some parents I know even drive from other states to get work here for their kids, now that is serious dedication.

The best role a parent can play for their child is to support their dream and be receptive to how they want to accomplish this dream. I love this quote:”It is better to aim high and miss, than to aim low and hit.” Always reach for the stars! You can do anything that you set your mind to and it has been proven to be true! Having going through this journey is a dream come true all in itself. Your time to shine will come and not what you are a shining star!


Written by Mindy Tanimoto