It Only Gets Harder


It Only Gets Harder

Guest Post by Elizabeth Atwood at

I had expected the first year of my son’s life to be the hardest. Babies need a lot of care. They can’t do anything for themselves. That means they need a lot of attention, but I figured as he developed more skills he would become less needy and things would become easier. Oh how naïve I was, and yes, I hear you laughing at me.

In the end my son spoiled me during the first year. I could put him in his crib, or in his play gym, and he would happily play by himself for an hour, and I’m not exaggerating. Then he didn’t have a huge desire to be mobile. Other parents were chasing after their infants, but not me. I could place Nick down anywhere and he would stay right where I left him. Now don’t misunderstand me. I still had to deal with the witching hour, and I still had to deal with fussy times when I had no clue what to do, but overall he was an easy baby. After we got into a groove it became fairly easy to get things done (or at least as easy as possible while working full time with an infant in the house).

Then things started to change. Nick started to want to walk, but he would only do it by holding someone’s hands. This lasted for over six months! I knew that someday I would look back on that time and smile, but when you feel like you have a thousand things to do, and all your son thinks you should do is help him walk, it is not such a fun time.

Then at the end of the summer my husband, who had been working part time, got a new full time job. This meant that Nick had to start going to day care more. Since then he has been very clingy. The little boy that used to hate snuggling now wants nothing more than to sit in our laps to watch his favorite show or read a book.

For the last two weeks I’ve been home because of Christmas break. Getting lots of one-on-one time with my little guy has been wonderful. Trying to get blog work done has not been so easy. Nick for the most part is happy to play by himself if I’m busy doing something near him, but as soon as he sees me at the computer he’s all over me. I’ve had to get very creative in finding ways to keep Nick entertained, and I work like crazy during nap time.

Recently I was telling my woes to my mother. She laughed and said it used to be the same for her. She said when I was about Nick’s age my great-aunt told her that, “You many think things get easier with each new age, but it actually gets harder.” At this point I’m finding that statement to be very true!