Makes the most of baby food making


Makes the Most of Baby’s Health and Your Time and Money

The Immersion Blender. This is absolutely one of my favorite baby tips.  It’s so simple, affordable, efficient…my favorite combination.  It’s super affordable (20-30 dollar range), can be used for baby, and for the rest of the fam.  Win-win, right? 

So how does an immersion blender help with baby food? Simply put, it is the one tool you need to make baby food.  And at a price like this  (25-50 dollar range) even if you aren’t planning to make your own baby food all the time, it’s still more than worth it.  With bambino #1, I did the whole food processor, large batch, freeze it in special trays (or ice cube trays). And that worked fine, but it took up a fair amount of time and things like the Beaba Baby  are cool, but an investment for the few months you’ll need them.  

immersion blender makes fast work of baby food making

So sometime in between 1 and 2, I picked up an immersion blender for soups and such.  Then when #2 (and #3…I’m telling you, this is a system to stick with!) came along, I was making steamed veggies for the rest of the fam and LIGHT BULB!  I put a few in a bowl popped my immersion (aka stick blender) in the bowl with about a tablespoon of water, and seconds later perfectly smooth baby food.  

I also dig that bitties get used to eating (some) of what the rest of the family eats.  It cuts an extra step out for me…helping me make the most of my time.  It encourages me to have more veggies for the rest of the family because I need it for bitty anyway.  Oh and the clean up?  

baby food in 30 seconds. Tip: add a little water to help with consistency



p.s. I found this site pretty helpful for recipes and timelines on what to feed baby when. 

What are your best tips and secrets for feeding babies?