Preparing for a New Baby


Preparing for a New Baby


Preparing for a new baby can cause much anxiety in new mothers. I know I have recently gone through it. You can’t help but ask yourself over and over if you are ready, if you bought enough burp cloths, if the room is clean enough, what if this happens, what if that happens, where are you going to store this…or store that? The truth of the matter is…you won’t know exactly what you don’t have enough of, or what you have to much of until that baby gets here. So slow down, take a breath, and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay…because it is!


I am entering my 37th week of pregnancy with baby number 2, and preparing has been a little confusing for me. My first child was a girl, 6 years ago…so having a boy is the first thing I don’t know anything about…and the second thing is a baby in general since 1. I am forgetful, and 2. It has been so long for me. The first thing I did was nothing until my second trimester. I had to make sure the pregnancy was going okay and that I really was having a baby! Don’t fret and worry from the get go. You’ll have plenty of time to do that in the last trimester when you think you have it all figured out–but you don’t!


The Baby Shower

As I entered my second trimester it was time to think about my baby shower. The biggest thing that helped me figure out what all I needed was by browsing stores online, and setting up my registry. The best way to setup your registry is by registering at a low end retail store, such as Wal-Mart, and a mid end store such as Babies R’ Us. This gives variety to your shoppers and also helps out the ones on a budget. As I looked through the lists of items, I had a notepad next to me and I wrote down all of the categories of items I needed, such as: receiving blankets, blankets, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, a monitor, crib set, swing, car seat, bath supplies, etc. After I figured out all of the main, important items I needed, I then went back and made a “want” list of items I wanted, but didn’t need. This can help you make sure you have everything you need, then get what you want later. Most importantly, when creating your registry you need to put the items you “need” on it, not the items you “want”. For example, you need sleepers, but you don’t need the cute Cardinals outfit. You want it, so you can get it later on if your budget is free. Put what you need on the registry because you will be very surprised when you realize how much stuff you actually do need.

Don’t be afraid to buy used, but remember some items have expiration dates. Craigslist can be a mom-to-be’s best friend. For safety reasons, don’t go pick up an item alone. You never know these days.

After my baby shower I went through my list and marked everything off that I got. Then I went back and looked at what was still on my need list. Those are the items you tell people, and don’t hesitate because people want to buy you things, that you still need, when you are asked. I had about 3 people ask me what I still needed…and afterwards I ended up getting everything I needed!


The Nursery

Preparing the baby’s room can be the most stressful for some because you may feel like the baby will get here before it is done. If this is a major concern for you, you might setup a sleeping area for the baby temporarily elsewhere in the home. This can help relieve some of your stress. The room doesn't have to be finished when baby arrives, that is just our preference. At about 30 weeks is when I started to fret about it. I nagged my husband daily about moving things out of our spare bedroom so we could get started. Worrying about the room caused me stress that I didn't need. I remember one day thinking we would never get it done and I sat there boiling in my hormones crying. But it did…in fact…eventually…get done! So relax. It will get done.

The first thing I did was chose the bed set for the crib. Then, I decorated the room around the bed set…which is a good plan to go by. So simply pick out and purchase what bed set you are going with, and go from there. Bed sets can be very expensive. I saw many 4 or 5 piece sets for near $200. I browsed Amazon awhile and found one I liked for $150 that was a 10 piece set! It even came with matching decals to place around the room. Try and choose the best bed set for the value for you. You don’t have to have the cutest nursery on the block! There are more important things to come and what his room looks like probably will end up dropping off your worry list.

After you have everything you need and everything in it’s place and ready…it’s game on time. You will feel a lot better, less stressed, and other little things won’t even bother you as much. I am almost 37 weeks and now all I have to do is wait for him to arrive. This is the time when you can relax, even though you are probably like me and very sick and uncomfortable, and learn up about things you need to know. Some topics I have been researching are my new symptoms, how to breastfeed, and new tips on baby safety. I have come to find out a lot has changed in 6 years. When I discovered I couldn't eat over easy eggs or lunch meat anymore I wanted to cry…I love fried eggs! I also learned about crib safety and new things doctors are figuring out about infant death syndrome and other things. Some people will tell you not to join a pregnancy forum because it will make you worry more…when other women are freaking out about something on there…but really, I advise people to join one! It helped me a lot. I would have been calling my doctor about every little thing if I hadn’t joined a good pregnancy forum. You can post questions, get feedback, talk to other women about their symptoms…and even have a place to vent and shoulder to try on. Many forums have nurses and ultrasound techs as members there to help as well. I joined Baby Center but there are many great ones out there.


All in all, preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming…but it is one of the most exciting things you will ever experience in your life, so be ecstatic about it and don’t let worrying about all the little things scare you about becoming a new mother. There is just nothing better in the world! I’ll be posting updates as my pregnancy progresses and photos of my little Jase Andrew when he arrives! (Hopefully soon!)


- The ALDI Mom


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