Rasing an only child


 To raise an only child you will ask yourself and be asked, "Do you think it is fair only having one, they will have no one to play with." Well for us that was the decision we made. Amanda will be 33  years old this year. Did it traumatize her? No. Did she have trouble adjusting in school? Yes and no. You cannot teach a child how to share unless they are around other children. She had to learn to share not only toys but the teachers time and attention. Was she lonely? No. She never seemed to be. We live on a farm so the animals got to be her companions, her confidants, her friends she could spill out her troubles too, her secret keepers. She always had a dog by her side, not to mention cats, horses and whatever critter she decided needed saving.

  We chose to only have one child in order to be able to give her more than we could have if we had of had more than 1 child, We were around other large families and we saw what a struggle it was to get school pictures not to mention at Christmas. It broke my heart to see them get a different child's picture packet because they couldn't afford to get them all. All the pictures they missed out on. I intend to line up Amanda's pictures by year all along my bedroom wall. (If I ever have the time that is).

   She turned out to be a very beautiful, well adjusted lady. Whom I happen to be very proud of.

So you see to have one or a house full is each couple's individual choice.

  We chose only one so she could have all of our time and attention. I was a stay at home mom so I was with her all the time. She is the only child as well as only grandchild. Double whammy! L.O.L.

Is she spoiled, I will be the first to say she was and still is. But that is O.K. too.

Any child whether a single child or a house full, if you show them love  and if you teach them morals and discipline when needed, teach them the Love of Christ, they will turn out to be well rounded adults. That is Amanda pictured above. She is married now and is active in church. Her passion is interpretive dance.