Solutions Rather Than Resolutions


Solutions Rather Than Resolutions


I don't like making New Years Resolutions. I've made them all and they were probably a carbon copy of your own. I would rather make solutions. I've shared many money savings ideas for our family but at some point we forget to use them or they're no longer convenient and we stop. So this year I'm making solutions to previous resolutions.


We had previously implemented a Strip Plug for plugging our media charging units in. So that we're not using electricity when we don't need it. Did you know that even when turned off gaming systems, dvds and other items we use daily continue to use electricity? My solution a strip plug with and on and off switch.


Grocery budget, there is really no easy way to budget groceries but there is a solution to help. You can only try and do your best. There are 5 in my family and my 2 sons eat non stop. I try to provide healthy snacks and food for our family but it's hard on a budget. Continually checking our sales flyers and matching them up with money savings coupons is a solution. I need to start checking the flyers and coupons again and watching for sales to stock up. How did I get out of the habit? I don't know, but I'm working at this again.


Our newest solution to going through so much propane for hot water is 5 minute showers. How do you do this? First us girls sit on the side of the tub and shave our nice smooth legs. With a tad bit of water this is done quickly. Then we start the shower, wash your hair and put on the conditioner. Quickly wash your body and rinse your hair. All of this is doable in 5 minutes.


I would much rather create solutions for my home and family than make resolutions. Solutions we can all live with work, rather than to make resolutions that aren't kept. We may teeter on the edge of failure with these but with the whole family participating and that they know WHY, we're able to jump back in to our routine. Saving money isn't a one person job. It's a family job.


Joie Betterly