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I'm a mom with two little monkeys and one on the way. I have realized that mommyhood is, shall we say, less than glamorous, but oohh sooo hilarious! Thank goodness too, because someone who only gets a chance to shower twice a week must have a good dose of funny in their lives, or they will go bat-shit crazy.

I run a small wedding related business, although I am slowly (well, rapidly given how quickly monkey 3 is getting here) pulling back and focusing on what I do best (or worst, depending on the day): being a mom.

I have a snarky, self-depricating, and ridiculus sense of humor, and some may call me brash, or "negative". I assure you I am not. I find there is just a whole lot of stupid going on in the world, and if you can't poke fun at it, then what's the point?

Aside from snark, I also like to write about real life... the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am no Martha Stewart, so I actually fail from time to time (gasps), and I think letting people know about it is one small thing I can do to make other moms feel like they are normal. During my early mommyhood there was a whole lotta feeling inadequate and scared. I didn't have anyone who wasn't, well, perfect to vent to. I thought I was the different one, that I wasn't cut out for this, that I would never be the mom I always wanted to be. Boy was I naive. After a couple years, I realized I am the mom I want to be. I just may not be like the moms I thought I should be. So I want to be the friend who doesn't shower often enough, who sometimes pulls dirty socks out of the laundry for the kids to wear, who can't bake a damn cookie to save her life that I wish I had when I started this adventure of being a mom.


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  • 3 Monkeys and a Martini is a humor blog. It's sassy, snarky, and profane. I use words like va-jay-jay and hoo-haa (which means I write about such things at times). I sometimes include recipes when I'm feeling particularly domestic, but that doesn't happen often. ;) Bring a glass of wine and take a load off by laughing through this hilarious experience of motherhood with me! @3monkeysandmom