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I am a mom of three kids - two teenage boys and a beautiful little girl. I have many rescue pets, I love mom blogs and will do just about anything for a cup of good strong coffee!


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  • What can I say? I am no Grace Kelly. I will fall flat on my face when it is the most embarrassing. (I'll never forget being 9 months pregnant at my 10 year HS reunion and falling HARD) Two teenage boys and a younger girl - pets, craziness and plain and simple life. And life, my dear friends, is GO

  • If you love pets, this is the blog for you. Great information on pet care, from non allergenic dogs to cats, exotics - even bunnies and guinea pigs! Multiple topics on pet care, animal rescue, diet, lyme disease in dogs and more.

  • Learn everything about your pregnancy, from how to improve fertility to ways you can reduce pain during labor. Also included are pregnancy tickers, pregnancy countdowns and helpful blog posts about how to care for your newborn. Come visit us during this amazing time of your life!