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Hi everyone, I'm Randi!! I am currently a stay at home mother of 3 beautiful children. Alana is the oldest and my only daughter. She is 13 so we are discovering everything "teen" together! Then there are my two boys, Dane (3) and Declan (11 mo), who keep me on my toes at all times. Then there is the father of my children, my husband, Kevin, to whom I've been married to for over 5 wonderful years. About a year ago I was given an opportunity, (although I didn't think it was at the time), to spend more time with my family. Like many others out there, I lost my job. Of course, I became concerned about money. But, to my surprise, in my search for ways to conserve cash, I started to find ways to keep my children healthier. I have "become green", using homemade products that are better for our environment. I've been accused of turning into a "hippie"! Thats fine with me since I feel what I'm doing is ensuring my children's future and that of our planet.


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  • Welcome to the Lucky Ladybug!! As a stay at home mother of 3, I am always coming up with new ways to be green saavy, save money, and give my children the best things possible. I hope to share as much information as I can with everyone. This includes awesome recipes, entertaining ideas, green friendly tips, deals, couponing, & much more!