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Meghann Clements

Meghann Clements

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I am a mom, wife and direct sales entrepreneur. I am an independent consultant and SuperStar Director with Scentsy Family and am a distributor for the Scentsy Fragrance, Grade Adele and Velata brands


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  • To Inspire Within is a blog by me and my husband, Ryan Clements, where we share positive messages and inspirational content. We also share our experiences and victories in running a home based business. It is a great resource for moms working in home based businesses and also those who need a little daily inspiration!

  • Flameless Candles Canda is a the website for independent consultant and SuperStar Director Meghann Clements for Scentsy Fragrances. Scentsy Wickless Candles is an innovative flameless, wickless alternative to a scented candle. It create a great atmosphere in your home for a low cost.

  • Find my on Twitter! I tweet information about my business as an independent consultant with Scentsy Fragrance. I also share links to inspirational content related to the direct sales industry.