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I'm a Mom Since 1997 (MS'97) and have brought my business skills (15-year PR career) home to manage our busy lives. I have 3 boys, a Labrador, and a great husband. I started 2 Mommy websites - www.businessofmotherhood.com and www.momtinilounge.com and am addicted to social marketing!


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  • Meet me at The MomTini Lounge (www.MomTiniLounge.com). Share tips and advice in this online community. Exchange insights & tactics on how to make each day productive! This is your spot, where you can put your feet on your desk or on a heaping pile of laundry and dish with other moms about life, parenting, and how to help each other find shortcuts to productivity at every turn.

  • A Mommy Blogger (www.MomTiniLounge.com); multi-tasker (www.BusinessofMotherhood.com) who has found Twitter and is loving connecting with other moms online about parenting and life. Join the discussion - let's compare notes on motherhood. Tweet Tweet!