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I'm a thirty something (who can remember at this point?) year old Mom with 4 testosterone type spawn and I am severely outnumbered! I have two blogs, one is my *normal* everyday blog that is my outlet to talk about whatever, mostly whatever is going on in our lives, and the other is my kids blog to talk about their medical issues and post updates for family and friends or whoever cares to follow. I am a writer, photographer, stay at home mom who is devoted to her family. My husband is studying to be a Chef right now, career change from being a comptuer geek, oh wait - he'll never be reformed there, it's just not what he does to make a living anymore. I am also a step-mother, but that's a story all in it's own. I love making new friends and if someone takes the time to follow me, I usually return the favor.


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  • I am outnumbered. Four boys ranging from teenage to infant and a husband who I could count as a fifth... some days ...I am in some need of PINK. We are a blended family, I'm Wife, Mom, Step-mom to a little girl, writer, photographer, reader, stay at home mom... this is just someplace to talk about our daily adventures, eh... mis-adventures? If you take the time to get to know me, I do the same.

  • My children are unique flowers.. just because they have "special needs" doesn't make them any less who they are, any less amazing..their fights have been true miracles, and in my eyes ...their lives are as delicate as a snow flake, no two the same, landing on your warm must take care to meet their needs.. as their petals thrive and bloom...they are no less beautiful then everyone else.