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Raising Reagan

Raising Reagan

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I’m a thirty two year old mother and wife living in Northern California that always has something to say and generally loves life! Married for nearly four years (together for 10) to my loving husband Brian who loves me unconditionally even though I’m a perfectionist and have several faults! But then…who doesn’t? I just have to constantly remind myself that it’s ok to be flawed!

I was a career oriented woman that lived life in the fast lane in finance which came to a halt when my beautiful daughter Reagan Lizabeth was born September 10, 2010. I had to reinvent myself to be someone that I never intended to be…a Mom! The challenges are hard but I’m learning to embrace them as motherhood has changed me for the better. I’m learning attributes like patience, acceptance and empathy.

I began blogging to showcase my successes and failures as a parent and put my thoughts on paper. I love that I am chronicling the life Reagan, Brian and I are creating together because I think it will make a fantastic gift for her one day in the future.


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  • As a mother to a very energetic one year old I wanted to chronicle the fabulous life we are creating as a family! Reagan has brought so many new experiences to our lives and I wanted to share it with others. Sometimes those experiences are amazing, sometimes, not so much. I know there are parents everywhere going through similar experiences and sometimes just want to hear others’ stories. Join Me!

  • It's never too early to dream about your future ~ so why not give your child toys that will stimulate the mind? That's why we created Reagan's Closet. We wanted to stimulate our own little Reagan with educational games and toys that would spark imagination! We wanted unique! From newborn baby gifts to toys for toddler and everything in between, this online shop is what you're looking for!