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I am a MOM of all trades with a passion for helping others. I am married to the best man on earth and I have 3 beautiful Children. Taylor (my only girl), Anthony & Jared. I work part time outside my home but also work full time from home. I have a few different businesses I work with. I also own an all woman's social network, Miracle Momas where we are dedicated to helping women succeed. I love to network!! I also love helping others, especially other WAHM's or women who are struggling to keep their heads up. I am just all about giving support by being there for them and supporting them in whatever they may be going through at this stage in their life.


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  • Miracle Momas blog is a blog that is dedicated to helping women succeed. You will find product reviews, giveaways, useful articles, information about direct selling companies, ways to advertise, and much much more.

  • Mixed bag blog about life, shopping, business, giveaways, supported causes and more.

  • Bailey's Bargain Bin is a site that will allow you to shop from all of the businesses I am involved in. I have decided to do this because I am a work at home Mom and as a work at home Mom I believe in supporter other WAHM's. I also know many other people that do and wanted to make it easy on everyone to find my businesses and shop with me. When you shop from one of my businesses you will know that