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    'days like this'... by Lisa Jay Lisa Jay photography

    Sydney full time mother & part time family lifestyle photographer. Lisa shares her lifestyle portraits of children & families as well as an inspiring visual documentary of her days as a mother of two young girls.

  • 'Determining Value' shanaca

    My journey through life with boys, our real food adventure, and finding joy in the mundane.

  • (Over)Thinking Mom overthinkingmom

    This podcast is both about the mom (or dad) who thinks too much and about the way the public over-thinks the role of mom. This is all a convoluted way of saying the following: We'll talk about our parenting woes and successes as they relate to the representation of moms in the media, literature, history, and more. Can you tell we've over-thought this?

  • *I Love My Scents ilovemyscents

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  • -Don't Blink- Tammy.Schaper

    My ramblings about being a first time Mommy to 2 little girls we are on the way to adoptiong from foster care. Amateur photographer extraodinaire!

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    1 Bad Mom 1BadMom

    Am I really a bad mom? I don’t think that I am, but from time to time. I decided I was going to work out side of the house even though my kids were young. I took a job selling mortgages at a local company . But I still get snide remarks that all of us mothers get about our parenting techniques.

  • 1 Long Misadventure of a Bumbling Fool of a Mom. Pezshannan

    Have fun reading about how I bumble through life without a clue! See how my brand new WAHM business grows (hopefully, I just started doing it on May 5th, 2009) and read about what products I use and like/don't like. I have an 8 year old son who I had really young and did it all alone for 7 years, and now I have a new baby, and I am learning all over again. I am trying to be a good green mamma.

  • 1 size doesn't fit all mom2girlsnboy

    I would like to invite you on a journey of my day to day life as a stay at home mom that doesn't fit into the mold. A mom who has problems, sometimes I run from them and sometimes I deal with them. But, I am me. I am not perfect and I am hoping there are more like me out there who can relate.

  • 1 Thrifty Home ThriftyJen

    I am a thrifty stay at home mom of 3. By using my thrifty skills I am able to stretch a buck and stay at home. I love finding thrifty ways to decorate my home and have it look like I spent a lot of money. I like to share easy to make recipes that my kids love. I also like to share tips and tricks I learn and my shopping secrets to getting new designer clothes for my family at thrift store prices.

  • 10 Reasons Why All Moms Should Meditate mommymeditations

    Ten Reasons Why All Moms Should Meditate. A calm and happy mommy is a calm and happy baby!

  • 101 Ways To Save Money mommymumbles

    My blog about everything savings! I try to share daily about money-saving tips, ideas and articles I've read. From budget friendly recipes, meal ideas, do-it-yourself ideas, multiple uses for items, shopping on a budget to much more you'll find here on 101 Ways to Save. Hope to see you soon!

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    123LinkIt: Mom's Wordpress Affiliate Tool yasminem

    123LinkIt is a new affiliate plugin tool specifically made for Moms that use WordPress. But what is an affiliate plugin tool you ask? It's a plugin we've designed that takes minutes to install and provides your blog an alternative way to make income -- through affiliate advertising. It doesn't take up any space on your blog either, unlike banner advertisements. Why not check us out and learn more?

  • 13 Woodhouse Road Shruti

    13 Woodhouse Road is my blog where I write about my life in general. It concentrates more on Quilting and sewing though... But it also includes a lot of ramblings about my life...

  • 19 going on 30 19goingon30

    Fiance, new puppy, trying to conceive, college, blonde moments, military, and everything in between. I am a nineteen year old learning to adjust from the world of a 19 yr old to a life that a basic 30 year old would live. Its a hard adjustment, but I learn something new everyday!

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    1HecticMommy 1HecticMommy

    I love to blog about what I know, being a mom. Whether it's recipes, crafts or organization, it is all kid tested and friendly. I also happen to think my kids are adorable {don't we all:) } so I tend to throw in photos of them as well.